Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly asked questions and their answers.  Please contact us if your question is not listed here.

What happens to my existing website?

We can convert your website to WordPress without touching your current website. Your existing website will remain live throughout this entire WordPress conversion process.

Our WordPress conversion service provides your project a WordPress installation and login information so that you will have full access to the WordPress Dashboard before final payment.  We prevent access to certain areas to ensure that we have control over our new custom themes and plugins, but the remainder of the WordPress Dashboard will be available to you to learn and explore during the conversion process. We will provide you with a “demo link” where you can view and navigate through your new WordPress website.

Once the WordPress conversion process has been completed and any additional requirements have been met.  Our team can work with you to replace your existing website code with this new WordPress installation – or can assist you in any way possible – to help to push this new website live.

Who owns the code and do you resell our work to your clients?

You will own all of the code upon final payment. Your unique conversion will never be re-sold or made publicly available for any reason.  We can also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if you would like to keep our relationship a little secret.  We also white label and provide bulk discounting on all of our services to agencies and marketing professionals worldwide.  Contact us for specific pricing and VIP services.

I am not familiar with how to use WordPress. Will you provide any guidance, training, or support?

Yes. Our service include training and lifetime support.  We provide training during the development process and also provide any support for updates and changes as new versions of WordPress are released.

You will be able to manage your entire WordPress website with ease following the conversion. If you are unsure about changes, we can provide a Webinar or live chat to help you navigate your way through the Dashboard.

Our WordPress conversion service includes free basic training and access to videos, so that you will be able to add new pages, content,  update, and edit other parts of your new WordPress powered website. If you would like to have ongoing training, support, or changes made by us; we offer low costs options for our WordPress conversion clients.

How will switching to WordPress affect my SEO?

Our WordPress developers are extremely “SEO savvy” and will maintain your current SEO rankings, URL structure, redirects, meta information, and can also improve your website’s “SEO friendliness” by removing code from content during the conversion process.

During the WordPress conversion process, our team will fix anything inside the code to help improve your site’s search engine friendliness.

Our team will make recommendations regarding how we can improve the HTML coding of your website prior to the start of the project, as well as other improvements that will enhance your websites visibility in the search engines in our estimate. If you do not want us to make any recommendations or to enhance your websites SEO, your website will remain exactly as-is – to both visitors and the search engines.

Can you complete the conversion service without accessing my website hosting server?

Yes, we can scrape your website if necessary.  For more information, please contact us for your free estimate.

What is the cost to convert a website to WordPress?

The cost to convert your website to WordPress will depend on the complexity of your website, it’s features and what functionality is included in the conversion.  Contact us for a free WordPress conversion cost estimate for your next project.

Your cost estimate will include specific features, functions, and how many total pages there are to convert.  The number of templates plays a role in costs as well. If you need any revisions to your website’s design, these items can be estimate prior to the start of the project.  Your free estimate will include all of this information so that you will be aware of how the entire process works.

What is the cost to convert PSD files to WordPress?

The process to convert PSD to WordPress takes a lot more time.  It’s a process from PSD to HTML and then from HTML to WordPress. Our average cost for this service ranges depending on the level of “anticipated functionality” shown in the PSD files.  Sliders and other dynamic elements take time to implement, costing more.  We don’t do package pricing.  Every project is different.

We are also able to use our best judgement in order to integrate items like 3rd party sliders, javascript libraries,  or other functionality as needed to keep costs and loading overhead down. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for as we may have a good 3rd party solution for you.  Contact us to discuss your next project and to receive a comprehensive, risk free estimate for your WordPress Conversion Service project.

Do I need to change my hosting in order for my website to be compatible with WordPress?


Our team can review your hosting and let you know if you will need to change or upgrade your hosting package.  Our parent company also offers reliable corporate and enterprise level WordPress hosting packages – as well as full-service small business web and WordPress hosting, maintenance, and support. Please contact us for more information about our value added services.

The majority of web hosting service providers are WordPress compatible. Please ask if you are unsure – the internet can be confusing.

If you wish to keep your existing hosting, or if you would like to change your current hosting, please let us know prior to starting the project so that we can accommodate your requests.

Can you provide references or testimonials from some of your previous clients?

Yes, please contact us for more information regarding professional references and client testimonials.  Client privacy is very important to us.


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